This series has been claimed by AngrydroidForce99, however, he will leave the existing games alone and create new ones. The original creator can do whatever they want with the series and games and has the right to terminate my adoption of the series if they wish to do so. Also, there will be a new continuity and the NEW games will be located on here, however, the old ones will stay here. Safe and sound.

Lucario (series)
Developer(s) TKThunder (tbc)
Publisher(s) Logo
Genre(s) Adventure
Spinoff(s) none (at the time)
First Game Lucario and the Five Thieves
Most Recent Game Lucario and the Golden Hand

The Lucario series is a series focused around a Lucario living in the Pokémon-exclusive region, Aurea.



Main Characters

  • Lucario- The main protagonist of the series. He is a young warrior training in the powers of Aura alongside his younger brother, Riolu.
  • Servine- A young girl who became best friends with Lucario in the first game. She is in love with Hawla, and she is a genius with nature.
  • Hawla- A snarky Aura fighter who became best friends with Lucario in the first game. He's in love with Servine.
  • Riolu- The younger brother of Lucario. His brother is his idol, and he wants to become as good of a warrior as he is.
  • Victini- A hero debuting in Golden Hand. This cute little guy is being chased by the Shadow Warriors, and he stays with Lucario and co while they embark on their adventure. He appears in later games as well.