SSB5 Lucario
Lucario powers up!
Universe Pokémon
First Game DS Pokémon Diamond & Pearl versions
Recent Game 3DS Pokémon X & Y
Availability Starter
Home Stage Spear Pillar

Lucario is a fighting- and steel- type Pokémon from the fourth generation of the series; he has a rather humanoid shape, although he has a snout as well as floppy ears and blue fur across his body. He has the ability to manipulate his aura into powerful attacks, which improve as his damage grows.

Mii Brawler

Normal Attacks

  • Neutral Attack- Hand wave, arm thrust, high kick
  • Side Tilt- Aura clap
  • Up Tilt- Arc kick
  • Down Tilt- Leg sweep
  • Dash Attack- Low kick

Aerial Attacks

  • Neutral Arial- Aura spin
  • Forward Arial- Diagonal kick
  • Backward Arial- Reverse slam
  • Up Arial- Upward kick
  • Down Arial- Foot thrust

Smash Attacks

  • Side Smash- Aura Blast
    • Variation 2- Bone Rush
    • Variation 3- Power-Up Punch
  • Up Smash- Aura Burst
    • Variation 2- Bone Arc
    • Variation 3- Dragon Pulse
  • Down Smash- Aura Slam
    • Variation 2- Bone Smash
    • Variation 3- Metal Claw

Special Moves

  • Neutral Special- Aura Sphere
    • Variation 2- Snaring Aura Sphere
    • Variation 3- Piercing Aura Sphere
  • Side Special- Force Palm
    • Variation 2- Advancing Palm
    • Variation 3- Long Palm
  • Up Special- Extreme Speed
    • Variation 2- Speed Attack
    • Variation 3- Ride the Wind
  • Down Special- Double Team
    • Variation 2- Glancing Counter
    • Variation 3- Stunning Double
  • Final Smash- Mega Lucario
    • Variation 2- Aura Storm
    • Variation 3-

Pummel & Throws

  • Pummel- Aura pulse
  • Forward Throw- Aura toss
  • Backward Throw- Reverse slam
  • Up Throw- Aura hurl
  • Down Throw- Slam down


  • Idle- Moves his hands around, occasionally assuming a more determined stance
  • Taunt 1- Rises into the air, as blue aura emits from its body
  • Taunt 2- Puts one paw forward, form which aura is emitted
  • Taunt 3- Takes a martial arts stance
  • Taunt 4- Circles its arms around, with aura flowing in between
  • Ledge Attack- Aura slide
  • Floor Attack- Spin kick

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