SSB Lucario
448Mega Lucario

The harder you fight, the stronger he is! I'm talking about he, the only one: Lucario! He uses the Aura to become stronger when his damage is higher. The Aura can't grow after 210% of damage. He is a Tricky character and his main element is Aura.

Special Moves

Standard Special: Aura Sphere. Lucario makes quickly a sphere which can be bigger after used the Aura. The move can inflict from 10% to 35%.

Side Special: Force Palm. Lucario uses his Aura to shot close to him a little explosion. He can also grab the opponents if they are very next to him. The explosion can inflict from 5% to 30% and the grab and the punch from 7% to 32%.

Up Special: ExtremeSpeed. Lucario quickly jumps into the air and you can control the direction. More Aura you use, farther you arrive.

Down Special: Double Team. Lucario counterattacks an opponent's move inflicting from 15% to 40% of damage.

Final Smash: Mega Lucario. Lucario Megaevolves and his Aura attacks are stronger than ever. For example: Aura Sphere inflicts 45% of damage with 12% of damage to Lucario.

Special Ability: Aura. Lucario becomes stronger when his damage is higher.


-Lucario is the only character which uses Aura.

-Lucario knockback's ability grows too with Aura.

-Kirby cannot copy Aura power by sucking Lucario. In fact Kirby's Aura Sphere will always inflict 10% of damage.

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