Series Pokemon
Other Super Smash Bros. Appearances SSBB/SSB4
Recent Game 3DS Pokemon ORAS
Availability Starter
Final Smash Mega Lucario

Lucario returns yet again to the Super Smash Bros. franchise in Super Smash Bros 5. It still plays mostly the same as he did in the previous Smash Bros game with a few slight changes. Its appearance however now resembles his Pokken Tournament design. Lucario once again retains its ability to get stronger as it takes damage.

Changes from Smash 4

  • His smash attacks now do more knockback.
  • Lucario’s speed has been increased


Specials and Final Smash

Move Name Description Custom Move
Neutral Special Aura Sphere A chargeable aura blast. Increases in size and deals more damage the more damage Lucario has. Snaring Aura Sphere- A slower Aura Sphere. Has an additional vacuum effect that pulls opponents towards the sphere.
Side Special Force Palm Fires a burst of aura that increases in range the more damaged Lucario is. If the opponent is close to Lucario, the move acts like a grab, with it blasting the foe with aura at point-blank range. Paralyzing Palm – Does less damage and has less range but paralyzes opponents for a few seconds.
Up Special Extreme Speed Lucario launches itself in a predetermined direction. Has a hitbox at the end of the move. The length that Lucario is fired is increased the more damaged it is. Extreme Speed Attack - Shorter range than Extreme Speed, but attacks opponents at any point in the attack.
Down Special Double Team Lucario poses, which acts as a counterattack. If Lucario is attacked, it will disappear and counter with a sliding kick from behind the attacker. Stunning Double Team – Now also stuns opponents
Final Smash Mega Lucario Lucario Mega Evolves into Mega Lucario. Mega Lucario does not flinch from being attacked, takes half as much damage, and deals more damage with its attacks regardless of the amount of damage it’s taken.