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Lucario (Lucario series)
Lucario's art in Lucario and the Five Thieves
Full Name Lucario
Current Age 15 (as of LATFT)
Gender Male
Location Aurea Town
Current Status Alive
Class Aura
Main Weapon(s) Aura, Combat
Ability/ies Aura
First Appearance Lucario and the Five Thieves
Latest Appearance Lucario and the Golden Hand
Family and Relations
Riolu - Brother
Hawla and Servine - Best Friends
Hurt my brother, you hurt me. And you don't want that to happen.
To Spiritomb

This is for the character of the series of the same name. For the Pokemon in general, see Lucario.

Lucario is an Aurea Warrior, and the leader of Team Aurea. His ancestor was one of the Five Heroes in the past.


Not much is currently known about Lucario's past; he doesn't seem to have any family aside from his brother, Riolu, who he is very protective over. According to Shiftry, his ancestor, 500 years ago, was the Aura-influenced hero who sealed the evil inside the stone of the Aurea Blade. He and Riolu both somehow inherited those powers, and can use them as of today.

Roles in Games

Lucario and the Five Thieves

Lucario is set to be the main character of Lucario and the Five Thieves. He is a warrior training in the powers of Aura, and goes off around the Aurea region to forge the broken Aurea Blade to seal the Forces of Evil back into the blade. Here, he meets some of his closest friends; most particularly, Servine and Hawla, among others. He finds out about his power to Mega Evolve in a fight against Greninja.

Lucario and the Golden Hand

Lucario is set to appear in the upcoming sequel to Lucario and the Five Thieves, Lucario and the Golden Hand. In this, Lucario must stop an evil ruler from manipulating time and space to turn the world into his own wasteland to rule over. He is joined, this time, by his brother Riolu, as well as best friends Servinea and Hawla.

Canon VS Fanon: The Fantendo War

After the reboot of the previously abandoned Canon VS Fanon: The Fantendo War, Lucario was confirmed, along with Riolu, Servine, and Hawla, to be a playable character in the game to represent the Lucario series. He will replace Lucario from the Smash Bros games.


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