Lub Lub

LubLub by Ziegs
Art by Ziegs (tbc)

Lub Lub

"The beast who's Scratch talking with, the one who have one eye."
Full Name Lub Lub
Current Age  ???
Gender Male
Species Lub
Location Seattle
Align Neutral Good
Current Status Alive
Main Weapon(s) Sharp spines/teeth
Ability/ies Fire breath, High running speed
Sexuality Bisexual
First Appearance Overclocked (2015)
Latest Appearance SCRATCH KAT (Comic)

Lub Lub is basically the coolest cat on the block. He's never been seen skateboarding, but the general consensus is that he probably does.


Lub Lub easily lives up to his rad reputation, giving off good vibes in every direction. Lub Lub stays pretty chill most of the time, but can most certainly hold his own in a fight.
Lub Lub often brings his friends food, and always seems to know exactly what they want or need. He's also a smidge mysterious, often knowing about things he probably shouldn't be able to. He never seems to use whatever information he comes across for much of anything, however.






Overclocked (2015)

Lub Lub appears as a playable fighter.

Crisis On Infinite Scratch Kats

Lub Lub is again playable, now boasting an updated design.


Lub Lub shows up as a main character.

Stampede Breakfast 2

Though Lub Lub is not physically present in Stampede Breakfast 2, King Boo has an alternate costume based on him. He wears a full-body Lub Lub costume.




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