Loveshack, Baby! is the fourth episode of Super Mario. It aired on 10th April, 2015 and has a follow-up episode called The Bob-Omb Squad. This episode features the B52's song Loveshack.


Main focus

Regular appearance

No lines / Breif cameo


King Bob-omb announces he feels bad for wrecking havouc and decides to have throw a party. Peach thinks that this is a scam, but Wario says there will be food and that he and Waluigi will be there early.

Meanwhile, three Toad girls, Tiarer, Rievoah and Berinda (dressed in pink, red and green respectively) read a poster about it. Tiarer and Berinda don't want to go, but Rievoah thinks it is a great idea. The three girls go home, but as they are about to go inside, Rievoah notices Toad, stares at him for a few seconds until Toad looks back and waves. Rievoah walks up to Toad and introduces herself in a flirty way with a big grin on her face. Toad smiles back, but Berinda calls for Rievoah, telling her to stop stalking boys and come in.

The three girls organise for the party King Bob-Omb is throwing the next day. Their father asks what time the party is at, with Rievoah saying that it is 7:00p.m. and lasts three hours. The next day, the father drops the girls off, with Tiarer reminding Rievoah that she has to watch over her.

Rievoah befriends a Yoshi, with Tiarer and Berinda trying to keep an eye on her. Rievoah and Yoshi then bump into Toad. Toad says that he has been watching them, and that she reminds him of his sister. Rievoah then says that Toad looks cute, causing the two to bond.

King Bob-Omb calls everyone onto the dancefloor. Rievoah runs onto it, with Toad chasing after her. A spotlight then shines on the two, with everyone staring at them. Tiarer and Berinda look forward in shock. Daisy even launches ribbon out of a cannon. Rievoah then gets crazy and hyper and starts spinning herself and Toad around.

The scene switches to outside the disco, with Toad sweeting. Toadette and Toadokay come over with a glass of Pepsi, with the former saying that they should have a double-date. Lemon also comes over and spins around him. Tiarer and Berinda also come over and say that he has to be careful as Rievoah can be "bad news".

After everyone goes back on the dancefloor, Bowser and the Koopas arrive with a cake. King Bob-Omb then snickers, with Bowser confused why he is laughing. Wario goes right up to the cake and attempts to dive in, but claims he spots something. Rievoah runs up, saying he is crazy until a bunch of Bob-Ombs jump out of the cake.

Everybody appears shocked, including the Koopas. King Bob-Omb says that he has tricked everyone, and that he is going to "bomb these pesky people". Bowser denies knowing about this, appearing to also have been tricked. Mario defeats the Bob-Omb squad, but King Bob-Omb launches more Bob-Ombs. Everyone backs away, with Toadette moonwalking slowly away. Rievoah, however, pulls a Fire Flower out of her pocket and uses its power, she also gives one to Toad.

Peach demands them to try and escape, but the two cannot hear her. Toad gets caught in a trap and taken away. Rievoah puts up a good fight, but is grabbed by King Bob-Omb. King Bob-Omb then says he is going to run off to his "secret" hideout. Tiarer and Berinda sob, thinking they will never see her again. Toadette asks what they are going to do, but Bowser says that he knows where King Bob-Omb's hideout is and that they need to get there quickly before they do something bad.

The plot will conclude in the next episode, Cliffnotes.


Bathroom scene

  • Tiarer : "I look amazing, don't I? I'm so brilliant!"
  • Berinda : "Stop pretending to be Kanye West..."

Enterance scene

  • Tiarer : "Remember, Rievoah, I'm the oldest, so I am in charge, remember what Mum said?"
  • Rievoah : "I remembered, I was hoping you didn't."

Disco scene

  • Yoshi : "Play?"
  • Rievoah : "Yeah, sure. Tiarer, Berinda, I'mma just do some stuff, 'kay? Bye!"
  • Tiarer : "Ugh... Rievoah has ran off. We better follow her and make sure she doesn't get up to mischeif, because it will screw us up too!"
  • Berinda : "But, Tiarer, maybe you don't want me getting up to mischeif?"

Star-crossed Lovers Meet

  • Toad : "Oh, hey, you are a girl in my sister's class, right?"
  • Rievoah : "Ooh... You're Toadette's brother! She's told me about you!"
  • Toad : "Oh, yeah, only bad stuff I bet!"
  • (They laugh)
  • Rievoah : "Oh, you are cute!"
  • (5 seconds of silence)
  • Toad : "Rievoah, do you fancy me?"
  • Rievoah : "Uhhhh... Yeah... I, like, do."
  • Yoshi : "Wow!"
  • Toad : "Oh... Yoshi, do you mind if you give us some time alone?"
  • (Yoshi exits the room)
  • Rievoah : "Right, so..."
  • (Rievoah puts an arm around Toad)
  • Rievoah : "...when I saw you in this room, my whole world brightened up!"
  • (The two smile at each other, and Rievoah attempts to kiss Toad, but they are interuptted when Mario and Co. enter the room)
  • Luigi : "Hey, Toad! You've got a girl!"
  • (Toad stares blankly at Luigi, but Rievoah continues to smile)

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