Lovely Penguin Forever, 永久に美しいペンギン (lit. Permanently Beautiful Penguin) in Japan, is an M-rated first person shooter for the PinkPrincessVR.


The prologue can be found here.

The game is about a penguin named Frank Jr. He has longed for a rifle all his life, and on his 3rd birthday, he finally gets one!

Meanwhile, another penguin, named Frankette Jr., is searching for Her Lost Pony's Mirror. One fateful - and fatal - day, the two meet, and the world will never be the same again!

The Characters

  • Frank - A penguin with five children, bred and raised for elephant hunting. To Frank and his children, nothing is more valuable than a rifle.
  • Frank Jr. - Frank's oldest son. At the age of three, he gets a rifle.
  • Frankette Jr. - Frank's girlfriend. They were destined to be together since the day they were born.
  • Josephine Bonaparte III - Frank Jr.'s little brother.
  • Susan McMary, The Lucky Golden Penguin With Wits & Brawn - A lucky golden penguin with wits and brawn. According to the Lost Pony's Mirror, she is prettier than even the prettiest of sea slugs.
  • Dark Frank - A villainous, vile copy of Frank. Dark Frank has begun an evil plot to abolish the one and only Elephant Poaching Club.
  • Elly Phant - An elephant. She is hunted by Frank during the first chapter.
  • Elly Phant, Jr. - The mysterious daughter of Elly Phant. She has been known to hate Frank but no one knows why.

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