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MK3DS Lovely Shroom

The Lovely Mushroom as it appears in Mario Kart 3DS.

The Lovely Mushroom (also known as Lovely Shroom) is an item in the Mario series. It was first introduced in the game Mario Kart 3DS  as the special item for Toadette. When used, Toadette drops the pink Mushroom, which will start hoping around whenever racers are near it. Whoever touches it gets confused, altering the kart's controls for a few seconds. 

The Lovely Mushroom makes a cameo appearance in Mario Tennis: Ultra Slam as one of the racket designs for Mii Customization. Originally, it was going to be Toadette's racket, however, later in development Toadette was given a green Mushroom symbol (possibly an 1-Up Mushroom) instead.



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