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Developer(s) Darklight Studios 3
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Platform(s) Visus Sphere
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Action, Hack-n-Slash, Horror
Series Lovecraft
Lovecraft is an upcoming Horror Game for the Visus Sphere. It tells the story of a young man who descends into the world of H.P. Lovecraft blending reality with fiction. The game was initially banned in Australia, some countries in Europe, Canada and China.


The game functions as a 3D Action, Hack-n-Slash. The player is able to move around their environments interacting with various objects and features of the scenery to progress forwards. Along the way they encounter numerous monstrosities whom attmept to impede the player's progression. The player is equipped with several weapons to defend themselves against these monstrosities.

In addition, periodically the player must solve some basic puzzles to progress through certain areas.


  • Lizardfang
  • Armoured Lizardfang
  • Trident Tusk
  • Sprouted Trident Tusk
  • Rooted Trident Tusk
  • Shantak
  • Bonesprout Shantak
  • Sand Dweller
  • Twisted Sand Dweller
  • Smoky Sand Dweller
  • Deep One
  • Abyssal One
  • Formless Spawn
  • Formless Growth
  • Formless Coil
  • Night-Gaunt
  • Heavy Night-Gaunt
  • Byakhee
  • Shoggoth
  • Pulsating Shoggoth
  • Hunting Horror
  • Dark Young
  • Dark Charger
  • Hound of Tindalos
  • Cerberus Hound of Tindalos
  • Colour out of Space
  • Explosive Colour out of Space
  • Flying Polyp
  • Great Race of Yith
  • Great Race of Yith Elder
  • Mi-Go
  • Ghast
  • Chained Ghast
  • Howling Ghast
  • Ghoul
  • Hairy Ghoul
  • Elder Thing
  • Gemini Elder Thing
  • Gug
  • Deep Gug


Magnumities are the Bosses of Lovecraft, taken direct from the books themselves, these behemoths of monsters require the player to combine platforming, puzzle solving and hack-n-slash combat to be defeated. They greatly vary in size and abilities due to their various origins.

Dunwich Horror
Dunwich Horror
Dagon Lovecraft
Black Sphinx
Black Sphinx


  • Francis W. Thurston
  • The Voice of Reason
  • The Voice of Madness
  • Pickman
  • Ubbo-Sathla


A variety of locations from the many Lovecraftian Books are the focal points for the locations in the game, Lovecraft. Although some are not specifically mentioned in the books they are based on locations that do appear in the books. The Locations can be considered levels and vary greatly in style, atmosphere and themes found in the locations. There are a total of 13 Major Locations as well as 3 Minor/Non-Combat Locations for the player to explore.

Non-Combat Locations

Location Features
Boston Apartment
  • Player's Bed (Save Location)
  • Angell's Library (Facts about the Monstrosities, Mugnamities, Locations & Characters)
  • Artificial Case (Holds Secret Items found so far)
The Rural Home
  • WWI Veteran (Receive Weapons from for completing various objectives)
  • Visionary Eye (Gives players hints on upcoming locations)
  • Whispering Voice (Gives players hints on locations of Secret Items)
  • Brain in a Jar (Save Location)
  • Dream Portal (Save Location)
  • Moon-Beasts (Offer Side Quests)

Major Locations

Location Book Origin Magnumity Secret Item
Whateley Farmhouse The Dunwich Horror Dunwich Horror Paternal Lightning Bolt
Miskatoinic University The Whisper in Darkness Hastur Alien Heart
Wax Museum The Horror in the Museum Rhan-Tegoth Skull of a Storyteller
Arctic Wastes Ithaqua Ithaqua The Lonely Statue
N'Kai The Tale of Satampra Zeiros Tsathoggua Vial of Black Goo
The Monolith Dagon Dagon Morphine Glass
Abyss of Yhe The Xothic Legend Cycle Ythogtha Mountain's Eye
Temple of Sarnath The Doom that came to Sarnath Bokrug Ib Moon Amulet
Mount Yaddith-Go Out of the Aeons Ghatanothoa Trapdoor of Voices
City of Moans and Laughter Nyarlathotep Nyarlathotep Inconcievable Object
Cavern of Y'Quaa Seven Geases Abhoth Filthy Stone
Ceremonial Cavern Imprisoned with the Pharoahs Black Sphinx Necronomicon
R'lyeh The Call of Cthulhu Cthulhu The Chant of Cthulhu


After defeating Cthulhu, Francis W. Thurston enters into a portal created by Ubbo-Sathla who talks to him about a variety of topics ranging from the monsters he'd faced to his meaning for existence, and offers Francis a position as a guardian of Earth and extends a limb to Francis. There are two endings from here;

Standard Ending

The Standard Ending is received if the player has lost more than 10 lives or not acquired all the secret items in the game. In this ending Francis accepts Ubbo-Sathla's offer and shakes with the Outer God as the screen fades to white. The screen then shows pictures of the locations the player visited as well as a final ending scene depicting Pickman entering into his apartment closing the door behind him before we hear four gunshots as the screen fades to black.

Secret Ending

The Secret Ending is received if the player died 10 or less times in the course of the story and obtained all the secret items. In this ending Francis recalls knowledge he read from the Necromonicon and refuses Ubbo-Sathla's offer telling the Outer God of his desire to return home. Ubbo-Sathla a bit confused accepts Francis' request and returns him home. Francis catches up with Pickman who was just about to enter his apartment. Francis greets Pickman who for once actually acknowledges Francis and tells Francis that he's sorry for not being a good friend and offers to show Francis around his apartment. Francis accepts and Pickman brings Francis inside.

The Player gains control of Francis again and wanders around the apartment as Pickman talks about several paintings he made all of twisted, blood-stained versions of the Magnumilities that Francis faced. After finishing describing the last painting, Pickman offers Francis to see his newest piece of art that he's been working on in his secret room. Francis confused, reluctantly accepts and Pickman reveals a passage to a pocket dimension room he has in his apartment, as the two enter the room Pickman turns on the one light in the room to show Francis the painting he's creating. The painting depicts a man facing an unknown entity whom Pickman has yet to draw, Francis confused by this asks Pickman what the man is fighting to which Pickman states that even he's not entirely sure. Francis wanders around the room for a bit before entering the center of the room, from it a loud growling sound is heard as Pickman begins shuddering, he states that he remembers now what he was painting and states that he needed Francis for his final painting and needs Francis to be a model for his painting, Francis confused by this yells to Pickman who seals Francis in a large stone arena behind massive iron bars. Pickman then states that he already had the original model but couldn't get it to present in such a way that he could paint it. Suddenly a huge humanoid beast with a canine-like face roams into the room letting out a roar, revealing the True Final Boss of Lovecraft, Pickman's Model.

Pickman's Model


  • This is the first Visus Sphere Exclusive Game
  • It is the first R Rated Game by Darklight Studios not based of an existing Franchise
  • Nyarlathotep and Abhoth are the only Outer Gods fought in the game although Ubbo-Sathla also appears as a character towards the end of the game (albeit non-aggressive)
    • In addition; Azathoth, Nodens & Hypnos are mentioned in dialogue
  • The Necronmicon is the only Secret Item which physically appears in the books, all others are references to objects, events or substances in the books they are linked to
    • In addition the Necronomicon is the only Secret Item not directly linked to its Book Origin, instead it is there due to it detailing the Black Sphinx
  • Hastur, Ghatanothoa, Ythogtha and Cthulhu are all related to each other
  • Credit to Michael Bukowski creator of the art for most of the Magnumities

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