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Lorenzo MontClair
Splattersplot Inkura Artist
24 years old
NAME Lorenzo MontClair
SPECIES Zaxinian Kittuman
POWERS / WEAPON(S) Inkura-like abilities, quick thinking skills
BIRTH DATE Feburary 4
OCCUPATION(S) Splatterplot artist
FAMILY Unnamed mother
Jill MontClair (sister)
FRIENDS Zodiez, Mayxine

Painting, drinking Black Wine and Inkura Soup, Zodiez







Lorenzo MontClair is an inspired artist hailing from the planet of Splatterplot in the Zaxinian Lifts. He is well-known for his great artworks across his home planet, and for his French-like accent. Lorenzo can use and manipulate Inkura, though not as much as Zodiez can, which allows him to use them for his own works. His end goal is to make his work public to the rest of the Lifts, as it is never seen outside of his home planet. Despite mainly focusing on paintings, he is practicing on different art forms. He is one of the many fan characters submitted by OwtheEdgehog (tbc).


Lorenzo MontClair is a pale-skinned human with dark blue hair and a "dalí"-style mustache who wears a beret on his head, a black shirt with a white stripe pattern with ink splats on it, low-saturated pants, and brown boots. His eyes are slightly covered by faint, easily unnoticeable ink running down his head, but it can be said he has sapphire-colored irises.


Lorenzo is an egotistical, smug and prideful character, always thinking his works are more superior than anyone else's. When not comparing his works to other's, he likes talking about his art to friends, and expressing any recent gripes he has. He also seeks criticism from others, especially from his friends and close allies.







Lorenzo MontClair respects Zodiez to a great degree, and fears the large amount of abilities from the ink goddess. He avoids disrespecting the goddess so he does not get butchered by her. More often than not Lorenzo creates artwork about her, mostly on her dolphin form.



  • Alongside Gregor, Blake, Dos Duos and Manikrow, Lorenzo MontClair is one of the five characters submitted in the Zaxinian Lifts fan character form by OwtheEdgehog. Nothing much has changed about Lorenzo from what Ow had sent to the form.
    • Unlike Gregor, Blake and Dos Duos, Lorenzo MontClair has yet to make any appearances in the Lifts at the moment.

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