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Full Name Lorenzo
Gender Who knows?
Location  ???
Family and Relations
First Appearance N-Stars
Latest Appearance N-Stars
Series Zelda
Lorenzo is a gigantic monkey made out of level pieces of Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. He first appeared in N-Stars as the boss of Hyrule's first visit.


Lorenzo is a greenish monkey made of several level tiles from the Ocean Palace from Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, cobbled together rather sloppily. He has a ring of clouds around his waist and his eyes are made of jewels which happen to be his weak spot. He has Barba for a tail. His fingers are made of green knights that detach from his hands and battle for him.



Lorenzo appears as the boss of Hyrule's first visit, attacking Hyrule. It's up to the group to defeat him by attacking his weak point: the tail. Players must dodge his attacks, fight his knight fingers, and avoid Barba as they traverse up him and attack his crystal eyes.