Lorelei (3)
Current Age 29
Gender Female
Species Human
Align Good
Current Status Active
Class Ally
Family and Relations
Sqak (younger brother figure)
Voice Actor(s)
Laura Bailey (Sunny Villa Adventures)
First Appearance Skip and Sqak Adventures
Series Skip and Sqak (Reboot Series)
Lorelei is a recurring character in the Skip and Sqak Reboot. She is a young human lady who raised Sqak ever since he was a chick. The lady and bird explored in many uncharted areas until the two of them decided to go their own seperate ways when Sqak decides to live in Sunny Villa.


Lorelei is a young adult with green eyes, brown curly hair, red lips, and pearl earings. Her basic outfit a light-green coat with a white tanktop underneath, dark green shorts with a black belt, white socks and dark green boots.





Lorelei appears as a starter character in Sunshine Slam-Ball, where she plays as a natural player. She is often paired with Sqak in doubles matches.

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  • Her outfit looks very similar to Lara Croft's south pacific attire in Tomb Raider 3.
  • She is the very first human character to be introduced in a Skip and Sqak game.

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