Lorean (FE)
Current Age 32
Date of Birth February 15, 1118
Gender Male
Hometown Coal Village, South Whitya
Starting Class Lord
Reclass Options General
Main Weapon(s) Sword, Axes
Affinity Fire
First Appearance Prologue: A Fallen Kingdom
Species Human
I have been fighting for Whitya for five years and I have been promoted to the Whitya Army's general. The king trusted in me to save this kingdom. He chosed me to be the one to save this kingdom. After those years, I shall not give up that easily. Long live the King. Long live Whitya.

Lorean is one of the main playable characters in Fantendo Emblem: The Dark Rising. He is the army's general and is the current leader of the New Emblem Union. Despite being the army's general, he is not classified as a general, instead as a lord.

Lorean is recruited on the prologue chapter, alongside Aria and Lexi.


Before Fantendo Emblem: The Dark Rising

Lorean born on South Whitya, the current location of the state of Lockistan. It is said that Lorean's ancestors were a part of the Emblem Union. Lorean trained how to use a sword with his father, a former swordsman who gave up his life to focus on his family. When he became a soldier to Whitya's Army, he recieved the Master's Sword from his father, a sword that is said to be used on the Banished conflict.

Not much else is known about his past or about his family, aside from his brother Daniel and his father.

During Fantendo Emblem: The Dark Rising

After Fantendo Emblem: The Dark Rising


In Game




Level Up

  • Better than ever. (6+ stats up)
  • This is looking good. (4-5+ stats up)
  • Not so bad. (2-3+ stats up)
  • I should train more. (0-1+ stat up)
  • This is the reward for hard work. (Capping a stat)