Lord Ztar
Lord Ztar 3D
Lord Ztar, leader of all the Cosmic Dark Stars and Ztars.
Full Name Lord Ztar
Current Age Unknown
Gender Unknown
Current Status Unknown
Class Villain
Family and Relations
Ztar, Cosmic Dark Stars
Main Weapon(s) Various
Ability/ies Dark powers
Ztar Soul transformation
First Appearance Mario & Luigi: Rivals Quest
Latest Appearance Super Mario Smash Bros.

Lord Ztar is the main antagonist in Mario & Luigi: Rivals Quest. A very long time ago in the Mushroom World, he attacked the entire Mushroom Kingdom and other lands to take them over, however, all the habitants and some Mushroom Warriors united forces to defeat him, so his plans failed terribly and got trapped in the far space. Then, he got free and launched his minions, the Cosmic Dark Stars, to help him in hopes of ruling the Mushroom Kingdom.


Lord Ztar is a Ztar of course, however, his body is more ghost-like, instead of being a Star, but he still has a white, angry eye like those the Ztars have. He also wears a black top hat with a red line and a blue-ish grey/purple cape with a red pearl in the middle holding it, making him look much more like some sort of magician. As seen in some sprites, he has something on his back, like a black Star or Ztar symbol at the back of the cape.

When turning into Ztar Soul, his top hat and the cape disappears. He has now one big eye, purple things appear on it and two purple flames surrounding him.

In the beta Ztar Soul Transformation, his top hat and the cape also disappeared, but his eyes became bigger and angrier, purple wing-like things appeared on them and two purple flames and dark particles surrounding him. He also had a big mouth.



  • Lord Ztar have a blue-ish purple cape in-game, but is shown with a blue-ish grey cape in his artwork.
  • Lord Ztar's Ztar Soul transformation somewhat resembles Zero from the Kirby series.

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