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Lord Sir. L-PF's Villain Waffles: Disney Edition
Villain Waffles
Developer(s) L-PF Studios
Publisher(s) Awesome Interactive, Disney Interactive
Platform(s) Various
Release Date(s)
December, 2014
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Umbrella(Baby Waffle)
Media Included Video Games

This game will kinda be like Disney Infinity, but with just villains. There will also be future Lord Sir. L-PF's Villain Waffles in the future.


Image Name Movie Info
Lord Sir Legendary Pop-Fizz Lord Sir. L-PF None The evil gatherer of villains. He has a perfect attendence record for these things!
All hearts queen grimhilde by lynxgriffin-d5q3sl8 Queen Grimhilda Snow White and the Seven Dwarves Mirror, Mirror on the wall, Who who will make those other villains fall?
450px-KH-Jafar Jafar Aladin A dark man with a dark desire on a dark occasion.
Ooogiedisney Oogie Boogie The Nightmare Before Christmas Listen up old villain fools. Your hour is at hand. You'd better pay attention cause I'm the boogie man!
Ursula Ursula The Little Mermaid Poor Unfortunate Soul, Banished to the nether-regiens of the sea. Now she has her revenge.
Maleficent Maleficent Sleeping Beauty Watch her as she casts her spell. Face her, and all the powers OF HELL!
Ratigan Prof. Ratigan The Great Mouse Detective The World's Greatest Criminal Mind.
Hades Heracles Hey Hey! It's Hades. Lord of the dead, king of the flames, come on what else can I say?
Scar The Lion King Be Prepared.
Judge Claud Frollo The Hunchback of Notredame He shall rid this game of your sinful desires.
Alemeda Slim Home on the Range There's plenty of villains in the west, but he knows he's the best. Yodel-adel-eedle-idle-oo!
Chernabog Fantasia Get ready for a night over bald mountain.
Gaston Beauty and the Beast No one's cherse as Gaston. Makes bombs burst like Gaston. In a villain game nobody's worse as Gaston!
Clayton Tarzan He'll hunt you down.
Syndrome The Incredibles No one can match his custom-built superpowers!
Sherkaun The Jungle Book N/A
Prince John Robin Hood N/A

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