Lord Shavings
Lord Shavings
Lord Shavings' first boss appearance.
Full Name Lord Shane Shavings IV
Gender Male
Location Calk Kingdom
Current Status Alive
Class Villain
Main Weapon(s) Pencil Sharpener-like body
Vulnerable To Losing body
Latest Appearance Doodlemen RPG

Lord Shane Shavings IV is the main antagonist in Doodlemen RPG. He was created by Artie, like everything else (minus Dudle and Dudlette) to basically steal the Rubolet and lead Dudle and Dudlette away from stopping him. In his home, the Calk Kingdom, the Rubolet is used to power everything up to make him stronger. Although this seems to be his only purpose so far, he was confirmed to be back in later installment of the series and possibly have a grudge on the Drawsons. He is also part of a species called Sir Shave-A-Lots.


Doodlemen RPG

Lord Shavings makes a debut in Doodlemen RPG. He is battled three times in the game. The first is when they catch him along the way of stealing the Rubolet, however, he power is too great and the battle is impossible. He flees and is caught another time in the Calk Castle. The battle is the same, only the Drawsons are stronger. Then, Lord Shavings powers up, making a harder, better, stronger version, absorbing the Rubolet's power. He is soon defeating and his castle is rocketed into a calk volcano. He is soon seen at the end of the credits, with his partner, Ferd the Nerd, seeking for revenge.


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