Lord Phantos
Full Name Lord Phantos
Gender Male
Location Nocturne Palace
Current Status Alive
Class Leader
Shadow Empire
Main Weapon(s) Shadow attacks
The Phantom King
First Appearance Fantendo RPG: Possession of Shadows
Soon, you shall all serve under me, as my shadow minions...

Lord Phantos is an ancient, powerful demon, and the ruler of the Shadow Empire. He views his minions as nothing more than tools to do his will, and wishes to turn everyone into one of his shadow servants. Phantos tried to accomplish this goal during Fantendo RPG: Possession of Shadows, but was ultimately defeated in the end.


Fantendo RPG: Possession of Shadows

Lord Phantos makes his debut in this game as the main antagonist.

Exal's Super Smash Bros.

A reimagined version of Lord Phantos appears in Exal's Super Smash Bros. as the main antagonist. He has summoned the Heartless to help him achieve his goal to cover the universe in darkness, and is breaking through dimensional barriers in the Exalian Rift to do so.

General Information

Physical Description


Personality and Traits

Lord Phantos is a cold, calculating individual who sees his minions as nothing more than tools he uses to fulfill his desires -- particularly universal domination and the suffering of others. When one of his minions fails their mission, he takes great pleasure in wiping them out and having another minion take their place.

Powers and Abilities

Lord Phantos almost always uses umbrakinesis in combat. He can form dark constructs to use as weapons, transportation, etc.. He is also capable of casting a variety of spells, such as mind control and elemental magic.




  • Lord Phantos is inspired by Saturday morning cartoon villains from the 80s, particularly Shredder from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Skeletor from He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.