Lord Garchomp
Lord Garchomp SI
Current Age 38
Gender Male
Species Garchomp
Current Status Alive

Lord Garchomp is the main antagonist of the game entitled Crimson the Roserade, and rivals the titular character. A lot of him is unknown as he hasn't exactly been developed yet.



Crimson the Roserade (2016 video game)


Lord Garchomp is capable of using flames, claws, and an assortment of different Dragon-type moves, mixing it up with moves like Earthquake and Iron Tail, making him a formidable foe. His speed and power are immense and his Outrage can pierce strong shields, like Crimson's.


Lord Garchomp has little to no emotions shown, he is a ruthless ruler centered around the need of gold. He thinks of everyone as of a lower position than him, and never hesitates to kill anyone, be it any innocent bystander or even one of his own friends. The taste for murder runs throughout his body and drives him into madness.