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Lord Fredrik
Full Name Lord Fredrik, the Snowmad King
Location Unknown
Class King
Family and Relations
Main Weapon(s) Ice Horn

Lord Fredrik, the Snowmad King, or simply Lord Fredrik, is the main antagonist and final boss of the Wii U game, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. He is the leader of a group of vikings called Snowmads. Fredrik and his army were responsible for invading Donkey Kong Island and freezing it over, effectively claiming the island as their turf.

Game Appearances

Super Smash Bros. Battle

Lord Fredrik is a stage boss in Snowmad Island. In the giant icy island, Lord Snowmad will shoot giant snowflakes from his horn and try to crush the players. If he is defeated, every other player (besides the one who committed the last hit) will be frozen.

Trophy Description:The evil king of the Snowmads. He froze Donkey Kong's island in an attempt to claim it as there turf. He uses a giant "ice horn" to shoot giant snowflakes. Many believe that he is similar to King K. Rool.

Wii U- Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze

Story Appearances

Super Mario Bros.: Legend of the Chaos Star

While Lord Fredrik has not made an actual appearance in the story, he was given a mention by Cranky Kong in the eleventh chapter. In the latter's usual Fourth Wall-breaking antics, Cranky went on to claim that he was fully aware of everything that would transpire in the story, stating that it had a "stupid-looking" final boss which, in his mind, made both Lord Fredrik and Tiki Tong seem original by comparison.


  • Due to Lord Fredrik's uncanny resemblance to King K. Rool, it is often speculated by fans that that the former was designed as an homage to the latter.

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