Lord Bowser Land is the moon of the Mushroom Kingdom, which has been taken over by the evil Koopa Army.

Lord Bowser Land
Greater Location Mushroom Kingdoms Moon
Current Capital Bowsers Space Fortress
Current Ruler Bowser
Current Inhabitant(s)
Space Koopas, Space Goombas, Space Guys, Space Pirates, Aliens
Location Type Territory
Included Environment(s)
Non- Atmospheric, Toxic Air, Firey Core
Bowsers Space Base, Koopa Station, Koopa
Notable Resident(s)
The Koopa Family

Lord Bowser`s Moon Base

Lord Bowsers Moon Base is the main landing area for ships coming in that are in Bowsers leauge. If a ship is not one of the few Bowser alows, it will be shot down with plasma Koopa cannons. It also features a mansion for the Koopa Family, and several residential districts where many young Koopas live and train to work for bowser.

Kooplear Ruins

This area was once a well-used Kooplear Power Plant for Bowser until it went into meltdown. The cause is not known, but is probably because
Gm nukeproof v20000
Bowser had no safety restrictions for the workers. Many mutated creatures roam the area and the eastern mountain range which was also very close by. It is extremley toxic and not habitable at all. If you were to even step within a mile of the main reactor core, you would surely die or mutate into an evil creature.

Koopa Space Mercenaries

The Koopa Space Mercs base is located in Lord Bowser Land, and all of the members work for Bowser for Coins. Theyre motto is "Big Money, Big Women, Big guns" and they can be hired at anytime, as they always have someone at their base.
Space Arena

Mutant Mountains

The Mutant Mountain Range is an area east of the main habitable area of the moon. Many
Forest mutant2
ugly and evil creatures reside here, horribly altered by toxic waste from the Kooplear Power Plant that used to reside on Lord Bowser Land. It is highly tooxic and heavilly populated with mutants.

Space Pirate Bay

The Space Pirate Bay is the secret ship port not known to Bowser. All smugglers and anti- Bowser people must fly into this port or be shot down by cannons.
AO Space Pirate 1