A game inspired by the TV series.

Game modes

  • Story Mode: Play in the story as Ace, Lexi, Duck, Tech, Rev, or Slam.
  • VS. Mode: Fight you're opponents. Up to 4 players.
  • Training Mode: See how many enemies you can defeat without dying.


In the Loonatics HQ, Ace and Lexi were battle training, Duck was shining his (only) golden trophy, Tech was typing on the computer, Slam was making an enormous sandwich, and Rev was running on the treadmill. Suddenly, the ground began to rumble, and Zadavia appeared on the screen, saying that the villains have opened they're own HQ on the other side of town. Not appreciating it, the Loonatics set off to defeat the villains.


Action Wii_control PS3_controls DS_controls
Walk/Run Nunchuck Joystick Joystick D-Pad
Basic Attack A X B
Strong Attack B Circle Y
Jump C Square A
Pick up object Z Triangle X
Special Attack* Z Triangle X

A * means this action can only be used in VS. Mode, plus it must be charged up.

Playable characters in VS. Mode

Character_name Description_of_this_character How_to_unlock_this_character
Ace Bunny The leader of the Loonatics. He may be able to do some major damage with his Gaurdian Strike Sword. Available from start.
Lexi Bunny The female of the Loonatics. Think her sensetive hearing might be a problem here? Available from start.
Danger Duck The member of the Loonatics who always seems jealous of Ace being the leader. Available from start.
Tech E. Coyote The technology expert of the Loonatics. Be careful, you can't understand what he says sometimes. Available from start.
Rev Runner The fastest of the Loonatics. Careful, you can't understand what he says either. Available from start.
Slam Tasmanian The powerhouse of the Loonatics. He isn't the smartest (or the cleanest, for that). Available from start.
Zadavia The boss of the Loonatics, she is the one who gives out the missions for them. Clear Story Mode at least once.
Ophiuchus Sam He's a thief with a hovering motorbike. He also hates rabbits. Clear Story Mode with Ace, Lexi, or Rev.
Pierre Le Pew A romantic (odiferous) villain who tries to make the strongest warriors fight to the finish. Clear Story Mode with Tech, Slam, or Duck.
Sylth Vester A heavily-armored powerful villain who works a cruiser in space. Clear Story Mode with Ace, Lexi, or Rev.
Rip Runner Rev's slowpoke brother who is often jealous of his brother's speed. Beat at least 60 fights in VS. Mode with Rev.
Sagittarius Stomper A powerful villain who once seeked revenge on Tech and Duck. Clear Story Mode with Duck and Tech.
Duce A turn-downed general for Zadavia who swore revenge. Clear Story Mode with Ace.
Gunnar the Conqueror A mechanical viking who wanted to freeze and rule all of Acmetropolis. Beat at least 70 fights in VS. Mode.
Black Velvet A blind woman who lives in darkness. Beat her in Story Mode.
Optimatus Zadavia's brother who is a villain. Beat him in Story Mode.
Queen Athena The queen of the Apocazons, an all-woman tribe, who can control plants. Beat Story Mode with Lexi.
Weathervane A second banana weather assistant before she got struck by lightning. Now she seeks revenge. Beat Story Mode with Duck.


  • In one story mode cutscene, where Tech ordered a machine from ACME and Ace asked him how he got it so quickly, Tech stated "My ancestor had a lifetime membership." He was reffering to Wile E. Coyote.

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