Looking Back is the third episode of Tayshaun & Amy - The Saviors. It was written by RTA fan (tbc) and first aired in May 2016.


Rosa, Paul, Malcolm, Ifeyani and Ellie get snowed in the house while the others are out, and decide to share stories from their very different pasts.


The episode starts with a shot of the team house, before it shows Paul and Malcolm sat on a couch.

Malcolm: So, where are the others?
Paul: Out, as far as I know.

Rosa and Ellie walk through before Ifeyani walks through.

Rosa: Have you guys seen the snow outside?
Ellie: It's blocking the door.
Ifeyani: Wait, we're snowed in?

Rosa nods.

Ifeyani: Damn.
Paul: Can't you guys use your powers to blow the snow away?
Rosa: Nah, only one of us who could get rid of this shit's Taylor, and she's in L.A. with Barry.
Paul: Oh.
Malcolm: Well, what can we do for now?
Rosa: Stories?

The other four murmur in agreement.

Rosa: A'ight. I'm gonna go first.

Rosa: (voiceover) So, me and my dad were up in Washington...

The camera shows 15-year-old Rosa in a large house.

Rosa: My dad was runnin' for President an' I was just gettin' over bein' tested on. We were decidin' to go out to San Francisco an' on our way to the airport...

The camera shows Rosa and her father in a car, with her father's wife.

Rosa: ...Some jackass decided to put it upon himself to try 'n' kill my dad.

The camera then shows a car slamming into the car on the passenger side.

Rosa: He failed. But my mom was a victim of this asshole.
Paul: Oh my god.
Malcolm: Holy crap. How'd you put up with it?
Rosa: Not well. Me and my dad were crying for about 3 hours
Ellie: Dude, that has to suck. I'm sorry for your loss.

Ellie gives Rosa a hug of condolence.

Rosa: Thanks. We got forensics on the case and to our surprise, it turned out the guy was hired by the other candidate.

Ifeyani shakes his head.

Ifeyani: Stories like that are what make me wish people in this world could just get along.
Rosa: Anyway, the guy got jailed and the candidate got taken out of the race. The other party didn't have any other candidates so my dad became President.
Paul: Cool.
Malcolm: Was the White House classy?

Rosa nods.

Malcolm: Nice.






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