Longy is a tall, Australian celebrity sportsman appearing in the Earth Runner.


Longy wears a Olympic-style vest with Earth encrusted on the back (instead of his country; Britain) and Longy with the number 006 printed on the front. His racing number, below that is his sponsor around his waistline Burger Tank, also the reason for his recent weight gain being of very tall and slightly overweight stature. He has short brown hair with a spiky front and brown eyes and large eyebrows. He wears white athlete shorts down to his knees. He also wears branded strikingly orange and white trainers. He is a pentathlete.


Obstacle Run

Longy starred as the main protagonist in the simple 2008 downloadable title, Obstacle Run where he is played to run through 4 high speed obstacle courses in one of the cheapest downloadable titles for 300 points.

Path the Path

The 2012 3DS and DSiWare e-shop sequel was released where it was viewn from a op-down point of view and the path had to be drawn.

Earth Runner

Inspired by Mirror's Edge he was given his own full-fledged retail title, similar to Epic Mickey with mixing sidescrolling elements from Longy's original title and mixing it with 3D/First person environments.


Longy used to be a icon for advertising in sport with being a 5-time pentathlete gold medallist, being confident, succesful and aspiring. But was then deflated with sponsoring and poor performances with age due to weight gain. He just wants to be a hero one more time and glory hunting his way to the Turkish Athletics Championships, a earthquake finds himself enter the center of the Earth and discovers Poison Tom and his evil plans. He follows him around the world and tries to capture him in his tracks after being expelled after losing to PT on the first try. After circling the world with improved Running, Jumping, Strength and Accuracy stats, he is ready to defeat Poison Tom in the tournament.


  • Although not all his 5 sports are known, a soccer ball is a item in Stelios Scramble and a tennis racket is also useable is confirmed to be his.
  • He was originally one of the original characters in Stelios Earth Racings first guise as the Earth Rocket Racing original project.

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