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Lonestar is a two-in-one streaming service/social network app created and developed by Lone Planet Productions. It is currently available on smartphones, tablets, and personal computers.

The beta was released in Summer 2015, showing off some of its features. The full version came out on April 2nd, 2016.


When a person creates a Lonestar account, they are asked to list their interests of movies and TV shows. The app then suggests media based on their interests, and shows them the usernames of other people with similar ones.

"Crowds", groups of users who like similar movies/shows, are the app's primary gimmick. You can start a private crowd, join a public one that is currently watching the newest episode of a certain show, etc. Additionally, there are "libraries" that contain certain genres and titles. You can even create a custom library that includes movies and shows you watch most often.

Of course, you can post messages as you can in other apps, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Vine. You can "star" other posts as well. Hashtags are enabled, so you can categorize your posts. In groups, there is a chat bar that allows you to talk to other people.

You must be at least 11 years old to use the main Lonestar app. If you are younger, you will be redirected to Youngstar, which limits shows you can watch and does not permit crowds. A user can also create a "chain" of family accounts that share the app.

Original Shows and Movies

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