LonelyLand is a story about the life of LonelyDude. At the unregistered, little chat hideaway of #LonelyLand, you too can participate in the events as long as LonelyDude's on. LD usually goes to the Fantendo Chatroom and places a link to LonelyLand before visiting so if you are chatting you will be signified about his arrival into his land.

LonelyDude vs. iPhione

15:12 <LonelyDude>: aha

15:13 <Broken-iPhione>: you have no idea

15:13 <Broken-iPhione>: who i am, do you

15:13 <LonelyDude>: of course I have an idea who you are

15:13 <LonelyDude>: you are sprak

15:13 <LonelyDude>: I think

15:13 <LonelyDude>: it's obvious

15:13 <Broken-iPhione>: why do you think tht

15:13 <LonelyDude>: because

15:13 <LonelyDude>: for one

15:13 <LonelyDude>: you really like to name yourself after pokemon

15:13 <LonelyDude>: and also

15:13 <LonelyDude>: on YE's new wiki

15:13 <LonelyDude>: your sig

15:13 <Broken-iPhione>: DANG

15:14 <LonelyDude>: bwahaha

LonelyDude vs. iPhione, Take 2

<LonelyDude>: well well well

15:21 <LonelyDude>: looks like a "Phianoe" has been lurking around here

15:21 <LonelyDude>: Unfortunately...

15:21 <LonelyDude>: they appear to be silent.

15:21 LonelyDude kicks the "Phianoe"

15:22 <LonelyDude>: He didn't budge

15:22 <LonelyDude>: Odd.

15:22 <LonelyDude>: Darn "Phianoe" always messing with me

15:22 LonelyDude screams

15:22 <LonelyDude>: well

15:22 <LonelyDude>: that certainly did nothing

15:22 LonelyDude swears revenge

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