This is a rare enemy in Mother 3.5 that appears only in one spot during the first chapter, and only at night. It's actually one of the more powerful enemies in the chapter, so one should only search for it after getting reasonably stronger by fighting in the Sunshine Forest. Later on, the Lone Wolf is caught by the Pigmasks, cloned and reconstructed into the Headlight Wolf chimera.


  • Howled: Lowers offense.
  • Bit With Nasty Jaws: Does damage and adds a poison effect.
  • Beat the Enemy Down: Hits twice.
  • Went Berserk: Happens when it runs out of strength. After attacking four times in a row it will die.


  • Cerulean Beach (Although, in the first two chapters it is called "No-Name Beach" as a reference to Apple Kid's No-Name Mouse in Earthbound/Mother 2. It is only found at night.)

Battle Description

Two crazed for the stealth required to work with its pack, the Lone Wolf wasn't lone by choice.

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