Lone Planet Productions

LonePlanet NewLogo

Logo LPP

Logo for the company.
Type of Company Fanon Video Game Developer
Founder(s) MeGa eXal (tbc)
Founded at/in 2012 (wiki wise)
2009 (fanon wise)
Headquarters Jacksonville, FL
Subsidiaries Auracom
Outside the border.
The company's slogan.

Lone Planet Productions(formerly known as MGX Studios) is a fanon company owned by MeGa eXal (tbc). It is mostly known for several crossover projects, including the Vicinity Saga and the Multiversal Silver Spurs series-- not to mention the Fantendoverse's Shadowcalypse series.



  • Kirby and the Hourglass Empire
  • Star Fox: Mutineers
  • Metroid Nemesis


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