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Lone Planet Impetus
Developer(s) Lone Planet Productions
Product Family Lone Planet
Console Type Home console
Subtype(s) None yet.
Generation Ninth generation
Release Date(s)
November 18, 2016
Media 4K disc
1 TB storage
Easy downloads akin to PC
Skype compatibility
Online shop accessible through PCs and Macs
Controller Drive for quick storage
The Lone Planet Impetus is a ninth generation console to be released in Fall 2016 as a collaboration between Lone Planet Productions, Sony, Nintendo, and SEGA. Like other consoles of its generation, it is intended to be a simple system with no "unneeded" gimmicks, and instead takes advantage of modern technology to create a more up-to-date gaming experience.


All apps can be accessed from the Front Page, and a player can swap between them on the fly without interrupting progress in a certain game.

The Zone

Where you can find all of your games, movies, and TV shows. You can organize these into either folders or lockers; folders can be opened by anyone with ease, but lockers require a code to be opened.

Lockers give users a better sense of security and privacy when it comes to their downloads. For example, parents can use lockers to somewhat "ban" their children from using certain apps, or if you're a very serious gamer, you can even lock specific save files.


Skype serves as the basic chat function of the Impetus. When you receive a friend request from someone who has a Skype account, you can start a video chat with them... as long as you have Skype as well.

Lone Plaza

This feature gives you access to several online-related game events, such as tournaments. You can sign up for a tourney or start your own.


You can come here to download games, movies, TV series, and other content. There is also a website variation of it for PC and Mac users.


Essentially a fusion of a movie/TV streaming service and a social network. Watch exclusive series, like Sonic Y and Upon Us: The Events, or check out the most popular films and shows right now.


If you press the ^ Button on your controller, you have an option to post a Facebook message about the game you are playing. (This requires a Facebook account.) On Facebook, use the L2/R2 buttons to cycle through posts. Press A for more information about a post, and press X to like it (hold it down and use the left analog stick to select a reaction).


Stay up-to-date on the latest Marvel information. View clips from the Cinematic Universe movies, or catch up on your favorite comic book series through subscriptions.


When you first open this app, you will be asked to sign in to your DeviantArt account, or create a new one. Then, you can select some hashtags that interest you, and your daily feed will be adjusted to show images related to said hashtags. These images can be cycled through with L2/R2.

Pressing A while highlighting an image allows you to read its description. You can like the post with X and/or comment on it with .

A Wii U GamePad can be connected to the Impetus console, and you can use it to draw your own art and add some effects.

Console and Controller

The console is a light blue color. It has a large circular LED at the top, representing a "lone planet". It changes color to indicate a certain notification. Each color is listed below with its meaning:

  • Red - The console needs to cool down.
  • Orange - You have a friend request.
  • Yellow - The newest console update is available.
  • Light Green - Your download is complete.
  • Green - A tournament is starting.
  • Sky Blue - Default color; shows that the console is on.
  • Blue - Skype invitation.
  • Purple - There is something new in the L-Mall.

The controller matches the console in terms of color. Its features are shown below:

  • Left and Right Analog Sticks (Press down for L3/R3)
  • Action Buttons (A/B/C/X/Y/Z///)
  • Trigger Buttons (L1/R1)
  • Shoulder Buttons (L2/R2)
  • + and - Buttons (Start/Select)
  • ^ Button (Share)

Additionally, each controller comes with a Controller Drive, the successor to the Nintendo 64's Controller Pak and the memory cards used with the first two PlayStation consoles. Controller Drives allow you to store data inside of them and transfer it to PCs or Macs, since the drive itself is akin to a thumb drive.


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Third-Party Developers

None yet.

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