The main protagonist of Candy People.
Full Name Lolly Popp
Current Age 14
Gender Female
Species Lollipop
Location Lolliville
Current Status Alive
Class Fighter
Main Weapon(s) Helmet, Fists
Ability/ies Punching, Slide Kicking
Height 1.5 in
Weight 10 oz
First Appearance Candy People:Sugar Rush
Series Candy People
Lolly is the protagonist of Candy People:Sugar Rush, and is one of the 4 starting characters.


Lolly is a blue raspberry lollipop, who sometimes dons a grey metal helmet. She has black limbs.


Lolly is a happy-go-lucky sweetheart who was a fun mind. However, she can still be a very well team leader when it comes to saving her world from the vegetable outbreak.



Wrapper, while not confirmed, might be Lolly's best friend. If not, one of them. Is is quite possible that Lolly could have a small crush on him.


Lolly is one of his best friends as well. Lolly likes thet Jawbreaker is very strong. If he left the group, it would just be a scrawny green thing, a yelling peanut butter cup, and herself.


While barely interracting, she and him are friends. Lolly was fascinated by magic since she was young.