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Lokag (FE: BoU)
Concept Art of Lokag.
Full Name Lokag
Current Age 30
Date of Birth March 25th
Gender Male
Species Human
Class Warden (1st-tier)
Main Weapon(s) Elemental Tomes, Axes
Family and Relations
Wife (Choose in-game), Moradda (Daughter)
Protector of Primalstone

Lokag is a warden, also known as a Primal Guardian, from the town of Primalstone. His Natural Affinity (His Primal Energy Source) is the Moradin, a sacred stone in the mountains of Primalstone. This gives him the power to use Elemental Tomes. Joins Level 5.

Stat Blocks

Stat Numerical
HP 21
Strength 7
Magic 4
Speed 7
Movement 6
Skill 5
Defense 9


Charisma 6
Items Mordenkrad (20), Rock-Medicine (3)
Weapon Level
Axes D
Tomes (Elemental) D
Rock Affinity, Elementalist


Fight Voices

Aid Another

  • "Help of the mountains!"
  • "Don't worry!"
  • "I protect you."

Followup Attack

  • "Primal aid comes!"
  • "Finish it!"
  • "I move mountains!"

Critical Hit\Skill Use

  • "Moradin, come to me!"
  • "It's done."
  • "Stones are not just defense!"

Beat Enemy

  • "No one beats Moradin."
  • "And that's it."
  • "How about THAT?!"

Other Voices


  • "Moradin, give me aid!"
  • "I just got better."


  • "I'd better create my things!"
  • "I protect my items!"


  • "Books..."
  • "Hmm, 'Of Rocks and Mountains'..."
  • "Reading is fun!"


  • "I'll be a protector!"
  • "What? I'm not good as a Warden?"

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