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Logi, a intergalactic tourist.
Full Name Logi
Current Age 40?
Gender Male
Location Always on the road with Denos.
Current Status Alive
Class "intergalactic tourist"
Family and Relations
Denos (traveling buddy)
Main Weapon(s) Fire Powers

Alienta Appearance Modulator
Zeon Shielding Gauntlet

Logi is a self proclaimed "intergalactic tourist" who collects artifacts from other planets and travels with his buddy Denos. Unlike Denos, who is usually calm and reserved, Logi is more than willing to speak his mind on things. Despite being a Sparkling, he seemingly hasn't met Volt yet. He first appeared in Fantendo - Genesis.


Logi is a purple sparkling with a diamond shaped head. He has orange crescent shaped eyes and the inside of his mouth is orange. he wears a grey scarf with Galvan Runes over it.


Unlike Denos who is usually calm and reserved, Logi allows himself to get agitated when discussing stuff that seems weird to humans. He is also willing to speak his mind on things and usually is the one stealing artifacts or attempting to profit off something.


Fantendo - Genesis

Logi makes his debut in Fantendo - Genesis, appearing in the science fiction convention as a human with the help of the Alienta Appearance Modulator. He reveals his true form in Chapter 5. He seems a bit annoyed with Rachel and Robyn, as Earth isn't used to aliens yet and they're constantly questioning things. He arrives with the two to a hotel room where the meaning behind Rachel's tattoos are revealed.

Later they appear at the final showdown where they sell "Team Unten" and "Team Six" shirts in human forms.

Fantendo Now

Logi appears in the episode Crash along with Denos. They talk with Unten and discuss what love really is.

Talking to her, having fun with her, laughing with her... that's not love. This is love. Missing her and fearing for her. You're very lucky. You got this great piece of sad love in your... arms... and you don't even know what you have.
Logi to Unten, Fantendo Now: Crash (2015)


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