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Logan Log is a character who appeared in Skip and Sqak Rangers. He is the world's first ever talking tree and he's MAD about it! He works for the BRUTISH Team.


Logan Log was originally an oak tree chopped down and taken by Blue Ant Scientists to be examined on. During the experiment, the scientists put a chemical in Logan that made him grew legs, eyes and the ability to speak. Enraged for being chopped down, Logan tries to attack the scientists (but can't due to him being in a container) only to become an Elite Hero due to his strong abilities. Since then, Logan was always an angry log.


Logan is often a grumpy tree all the time, but he has a huge diet that can make him eat almost anything.


Logan can summon a wall of trees infront of him to protect him and his team. He can also fire green goo either small or huge (depending on how long you held the fire button) and crush his enemies with his wooden fists.

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