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Logan's Adventure is the debut game made by Cloud 9 Games! It feature's Cloud 9 Game's mascot, Logan, as he goes on adventures through out the galaxy of Steloturn! He must find and beat the evil Gloom Devonshire!



  1. Hegriri (A rainforest area)
  2. Kaynerth (A desert world)
  3. Yeazuno (A china-esque area)
  4. Thefalara (A Volcano world)
  5. Qucilater (A crystal castle area)


Logan's Adventure

Logan's Adventure's Title Screen!

Cloud 9 Games

Cloud 9 Game's logo.

Bosses! (My personal favorite part)

  1. Palmface (Boss of Hegrigri)
  2. Pyratrap (Boss of Kaynerth)
  3. Shogun Steel (Boss of Yeazuno)
  4. Mt. An Gryh (Boss of Thefalara)
  5. Gloom Devonshire (Boss of Quicilater)

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