In the I see you shipping down there minigame, each character is paired (shipped) with another, by Elise. Below is a list of all pairings.

  • Locky and T'S: Toad'VivianLoverShipping
  • Spark and Pablo: MasterSleuthApprenticeDepaloShipping
  • Elise and Osaka: ShadowHeartShipping
  • Peira Noid and Brochi: ArtisticShipping
  • Tom and Doh: BooHooIMissedYouShipping
  • Jasper and Mapman: ???
  • Cobs and Brock: ???
  • Sam and SMB64: ???
  • SDMK and SGY: SuperDuperShyShipping
  • Plazzap and LL93: LightningShipping

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