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During the game you unlock secret costumes to the playable characters, here the full list of it:


  • Scout: Based on Scout from TF2. It's unlocked beating the first world collecting all the Orbz.
  • Rayman: Based on Rayman from Rayman series. It can be buyed on Wario's Shop for 300 coins.
  • Sam ("DLC"): Based on Sam from Sam & Max series. It's unlocked after you beat a DLC world.



  • Koopa Troopa: This one can be changed to Green, Red, Blue and Yellow, to unlock beat a boss with Sam
  • Yarn: Sam made of yarn. Beat Sam's Yarn.
  • Alex Suit (DLC): Based on Alex Ember Koopa, you must beat the Koopalings' Madness DLC World as Sam to unlock it.
  • Orange Bird Costume: Based on Orange Bird from Angry Birds. To unlock this, defeat 100 enemies.
  • Wreck-It Ralph Costume: Based on Wreck-It Ralph. Unlocked by beating 20 enemies in 8-bit Town.
  • Swampert Suit: Based on Sam's favorite Pokémon. Unlocked by swimming on water for 2 minutes.




  • McCloud: Based on Fox from the Star Fox series. It's unlocked after you beat the Star Spark 64 minigame.



  • Han Solo: Based on Han from Star Wars franchise. Beat T'S' Star Wars to unlock this costume.
  • Pyro: Based on Pyro from TF2. Get all the Orbz from World 7 to unlock this costume.


  • Spiky Shy Guy Yellow: Beat 5 bosses with SGY.
  • Striker Shy Guy Yellow: Collect all Orbz in World 5.
  • King Boo Face : Clear Shy Guy Gun
  • Skips Suit :  Beat 7 bosses with SGY
  • 8-Bit Suit : Clear Shy Guy Gun in hard
  • Zombie Suit : Beat 100 enemies with SGY


  • Yinyang shirt: Elise's yinyang shirt worn on Swapnote. Default.
  • Trainer Touko outfit: The outfit worn by Touko from Pokémon Special. Unlocked by completing the world The Secret of Rushing as Elise.
  • Reaper cloak: A black hooded cloak similar to that of Rose Reaper's. Complete the world Nightmare Realm as Elise.
  • S.O.S. Brigade uniform: The outfit worn by Haruhi from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. Unlocked by completing the minigame I see you shipping down there as Elise.
  • Yata Kitty costume: A random kitty-esque outfit. Unlocked by completing the world Cat Rainbow as Elise.
  • Knight of Skyloft uniform: A Skyloftian Knight's uniform. Unlocked by completing the world 8-bit Town as Elise.
  • Shadow Princess dress: The outfit worn by Elise's Adventure Time persona, Shadow Princess. Unlocked by completing the world Nova Woods as Elise.
  • Goddess Touko outfit: Elise's God Tier outfit seen in Yatastuck. Unlocked by completing the world Land of the Banned as both Elise and Osaka.



Peira Noid


  • Abed: Based on Abed. To unlock this costume, the player needs beat the Paint-Insane-Ball minigame.
  • Dark Abed: A Dark version of Abed. To unlock this costume, the player needs beat Paint-Insane-Ball in a record time.




  • Finn Costume: A costume based off of Finn the Human from Adventure Time. His demon sword is strapped to his backpack.
  • Jake Costume: A costume based off of Jake the Dog from Adventure Time. Your shirt and pants appeared an orange-yellow color, and you wear a cap resembling Jake's face.
  • Beemo Costume: A costume based off of Beemo from Adventure Time. You wear Beemo-styled clothing.
  • Ice King Costume: A costume based off of the Ice King from Adventure Time.
  • Dipper Pines Costume: A costume based off of Dipper Pines from Gravity Falls.
  • Mabel's Sweaters: A custume based off of the sweaters that are worn by Mabel from Gravity Falls.
  • Questiony the Question Mark Costume: Soos' costume Questiony the Question Mark from Gravity Falls.




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