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Developer(s) UbiLocky (Talk)
Publisher(s) LockyArts (Talk)
Platform(s) EXGamer
Genre(s) 2D platformer
Release Date(s)
Setember 24, 2013.
Singleplayer, Multiplayer, Battery Run.
Media Included EXGamer Game Card
Series Locky (Talk)'s Wikiversary Game Series
Successor Locky Legends

Locky Origins is a 2D platformer game for the Keyhole Gaming's EXGamer, the game was released on Setember 24, 2013 on Locky's wikiversary and features many of his best friends. The game is based on Rayman Origins, a game by Ubisoft.

The game features Locky, on his quest along his friends to destroy, to defeat Degen from her revenge on the Fantendoverse.


Chapter 1 - The "Best" Birthday Party...?

Locky (Talk) was going home when he found a light, he followed that light who bring him to his secret birthday party. Made by some of his friends, the party was going okay, until Degen appeared and destroyed the party. She leaved the heroes from a each part of the Degen's Nightmare Dimension. Locky found alone at the Nova Woods, the first world of the game.

Locky decided to search for his friends, starting for The First Step of the Journey, the first level, Locky defeated many enemies and obstacles. At the end, he found Dogster (Talk), a giant bug on his way, after a long fight, Locky defeated Dogster and saved SDMK (Talk), who now is playable. Locky and SDMK continued their journey to save their friends, they next step is on the Dream Ice Glacier.

More coming soon...


The game is a basic 2D platformer, A jumps, B attacks with the first, Y attacks with the Kick and X spins. The character have different animantions style but they all the same. The worlds have 16 levels each. To beat the game 100%, the player has to collect all the Orbz, little red things that appear in every level, they also have to collect the Degen's Crystals that open the door for the real and optional last level of the game, Degen's Madness

At the last level of each world, you have to defeat a boss, defeating a boss you unlock a new character. The character also unlocks a new ability for the character.



User Description Unlocked after
Locky (Talk) The main protagonist of the game, on his birthday/wikiversary, Degen decided to wreck up with his party and start this whole adventure. Starter
SDMK (Talk) One of Locky's best friends, the Mario and Kirby lover. He also likes Waffles​. Beat World 1.
Sam (Talk) A guy who likes robots with different forms. Also one of Locky's best friends, Sam is known for his series: Meta-Form and Art Battle." Beat World 2.
T'S (Talk) The Toad and Shy Guy fan, T'S is a very nice person and also one of Locky's friends. He likes to be called Rick. Beat World 3.
Doh (Talk) How did he missed? Anyway, Doh is very known for his explosive boo, very expericed at art and stuff. Beat World 4.
Spark (Talk) The Lord of Fantendo, Spark is very known for his awesome 3D arts, he is sarcastic sometimes. Beat World 5.
Jasper (Talk) Jasper, a alien? No. Jasper is very known for his stuff and some of his games like August Blade. He is a very nice person and a friend of Locky. Beat World 6.
Pablo (Talk) Pablo de Pablo de Pablo de Pablo... Pablo is a nice person, known for works like Noir and Volt. He, along Locky, created Fantengrumps. Beat World 7.
SGY (Talk) SGY is one of Locky's early friends, since portuguese fantendo, on this fantendo his grammar isn't good... but overall he is a nice person too. Beat World 8.
Elise (Talk) Touko-yata! Elise, one of female users on Fantendo. She is a nice person overall, she likes to kill Locky at the chat. Beat World 9.
Plazzap (Talk) Plazzap, previously known as 10 Brave Kirbies, is one of the most nice persons on the wiki, good at artworks and good as friend. Beat World 10.
Cobs (Talk) Cobs, one of the most sarcastic users on the wiki, he is kinda weird sometime but overall he is a great person and a great user. Degen loves him. Beat World 11.
Peira Noid (Talk) Peira, the Picasso of the wiki, he is a nice person and a real samus lover. He is very good at artworks and he is somewhat a good friend of Locky. Beat World 12.
Tom (Talk) Tom, the Community lover, he is like Boos with tails, I think. He helps Locky sometimes and he is a nice person. Beat World 13.
Broque Monsueir (Talk) LL93, the Broque Monseuir, one of Locky's best friend since he joined the wiki. LL93 is great block person over all. Beat World 14.
Sniper (Talk) Mapman, the Team Fortress and Scribblenauts lover. He was previously known as MP78, but now is the Nintendo Champ from 1989. Beat World 15.
SMB64 (Talk) SMB64 aka Hayden or Finn the Human, the Adventure Time fan and the Rise of the Darkness creator, SMB64 makes amazing arts at MS Paint and he is a nice friend. Beat World 16.
Brochi (Talk) Brochi, the lady of the Fantendo arts. She is kinda new at the wiki, but, she already got many friends over here, including Locky. Beat World 17
Brock (Talk) Brockdilley aka Bee Block the Dilley, idk. Brock is one of the "veterans" of the wiki, creator of the Brock Productions and a friend of Locky. Beat World 18.
Osaka (Talk) Osaka, he is the last character to be unlocked. Otaku, Osaka is a sarcastic person who likes anime females. Beat World 19.


User Description Role
Polokarend (Talk) "Arend, aka Polokarend. He's a nice person who helps the player by giving hints in this game." Give hints and descriptions of the characters, levels and bosses.
Polis (Talk) "Polis appears at the end of each level filling up the bar of Orbz." Same as the Magican in Rayman Origins.
Chaz (Talk) "Megamaster takes a screenshot of the player, serving as a checkpoint." Serves as a checkpoint.
Stelios (Talk) "Everytime you save somebody, Stelios appear and teach you a new move." Move Tutor
Red (Talk) "The leader of the group of 5 who has been captured by Degen, go save him!" Captured.
BY (Talk) "He has been captured by Degen's army! You need save him!" Captured.
PokeminMaster (Talk) "Like Baby Yoshi, he also has been captured by the Degen's Army!" Captured.
KMM (Talk) "Another person captured by Degen's Army. Once you help him he will unlocks a new move." Captured.
Renardy (Talk) "The last person captured by the Degen's Army. He also appears in Rainy Rainbow level to help you." Captured/Helper.
Zaky (Talk) "Zaky appears in some levels helping the player to pass certain parts." Helper.
Wario (Talk) "Wario is a lazy person who waits you on the shop to sell anything." Shop Keeper.
STM56 (Talk) "STM appears in some levels giving cryptic messages that are actually hints." Give hints during the levels.
MGX (Talk) "MGX is the host of the menus, he guide the player through the menus and explains every thing on the game." Guide of the Menus.
Uily (Talk) "Uily, also known as BlackDawn, can be found with Polokarend after beating the Uilise OTP minigame. He will talk to the player to give some amusing dialogue, with some useful hidden hints. Ally, occasionally giving hints.


User Description Cameo
MGC (Talk) "MGC is one of Locky's first friends on the Fantendo wiki, he is the founder of HEH." At the level, Hammer Madness, he appears controlling a robot Hammer Bro, who looks like Yoshter Bro.
Blud (Talk) "Blud, the creator of the madness at Mafia, his Locky friend who helped him sometimes." At the level, Scary Woods, Blud appears on the background shooting at some monsters.
Clover (Talk) "Clover, the Godzilla fan, he is the creator of the Clover Entertainment and sure loves destruction!" At the level, Monster Rampage, Clover can be seen on the background playing a Nintendo 3DS, few minutes later a monster appear and escapes running from him.


The player can travel between worlds via the Origins Hub.


World Description
Nova Woods A sci-fi like forest. It's the first world of the game, the boss is a giant Nincada robot controlled by Dogster (Talk).
Dream Ice Glacier A ice land made out of dreams. The boss of this level is Miss Toodles (Talk) in her's cat form.
Hell Volcano A Volcano that looks like hell, the main enemies are devils. The boss of this level is UMG (Talk), who attacks throwing theories.
Thunder Clouds This level occours above the clouds during a tempest. The boss of this level is McMario9 (Talk), who attacks throwing the word Mario at you.
8-bit Town A city created by pixels. The boss of this level is Degenerator2 (Talk), the first form of Degen.
Food Land A entire land created of Food. The boss of this level is Fantendominator (Talk), who attacks using Vines.
Nightmare Realm A land created of Nightmare. The boss of this level is King Wartortle (Talk), the second form of Degen.
Familiar Place A world based on Super Mario Bros. The boss of this level is FrancisTheNerr (Talk), who attacks saying Nerr.
Circus Stage A stage that occours inside a circus. The boss of this level is FCCC (Talk), who attacks using clown balls.
Dark Dungeon A dark dungeon, the only way to pass through is lighting all the candles. The boss of this level is Anime (Talk), he appears and transforms into random characters.
Light Desert A giant desert with a hot sun, don't keep you feet on the sand!. The boss of this level is Komondor (Talk), he is a strong version of Dogster.
Madness Factory A giant factory created by the Degen's Army. The boss of this level is Arend2 (Talk).
Dragon's Liar The lair where a dragons sleeps. The boss of this level is 7ff7 (Talk).
Dino City A medieval city where Dinosaur's lives. The boss of this level is Mattrox (Talk).
Midnight Square The center of the Dino City. The boss of this level is MythCat (Talk), a powerful version of Miss Toodles.
Cat Rainbow A rainbow created of Cats. The boss of this level is LifeCat (Talk), a powerful version of MythCat.
Text World A world created of Text. The boss of the level is Button (Talk).
Mysterious Sky A strange land created by the mystery. The boss of this level is Desconhecido (Talk).
IP's Nation A Nation created by the IP's. The boss of this level (Talk).
Land of the Banned The final world. This level occours on the underground and the hell. The boss is Degen.  
Clown's Secret Lair The real last world, it only have one level, Clown's Banned Madness. The last boss is Degen mixed with the previous bosses.
The Secret of Rushing Opitional world. It only have one level. The boss of this level is Rushing (Talk), who got captured and the villians decided to control him.


World Description
Koopalings' Madness The first DLC world released. This world works like the Last World from New Super Mario Bros. On this world, the bosses are the Fanon Koopalings.
Nowhere to Run The second DLC world released. This is considered the most hardest world yet. Most of levels are about running testing your "parkour" skills. The boss of this world is Ykcol.
Couy's Hell The third DLC world released. There's 5 levels, based on the boss levels from the previous worlds, the bosses are the Couy's sockpuppets along Couy.
Swapnote Kingdom The fourth DLC world to be released. Players travel through the four levels; Swapnote Village, Fantendo Inc., the Belly of the Shoggoth, and the Void of Emotion, before battling Nikki in the final level, Nikki's Domain. A few characters are seen cameoing throughout the world, such as Wickeldorf, Haterman, Brock Bee, S.M., Leetina and Eagle.


Minigame What is?
Say R to Racing! A footrace minigame like Rayman M. There's 4 four courses, Crystal MinesJoust VillageBallooon Madness and Yoshow Isle.
Where's Orbz is? It's a 4-player only minigame. In this minigame, the player has to choose between two locations, Orbz Island and Orbz Rainbow which is unlockable. The objective is find the Orbz before anyone do.  
Star Spark 64 This is Star-Fox like game, where Spark takes the role of Fox McCloud. The player has to beat 4 missions to reach the last boss, Degendross.
Team Osaka 2 This is a TF like minigame and the only that you can play online. There's 8 arenas, 4 exclusive to the online. It's FPS game where the objective is capture the flag of the opponent team.
Mapman Hoops This is a 3-on-3 baskeball game with two arenas, where the objective is make 50 points.
Locky Kart Dii A Kart minigame with four courses to play. This is the only minigame to feature the cameo characters as playable characters.
Sam's Epic Yarn This minigame features Sam as Kirby and Zaky as Prince Fluff featuring the first world of the game now in a Yarn Style.
T'S' Star Wars This is a Star Wars based minigame, where T'S' is Luke, Pablo is Han Solo, Cobs is Chewbacca and Brochi is Princess Leia. It's 2D fighting game that works like Street Fighter
Paint-Insane-Ball It's like a Paintball game, but, in a more insane form, in this version, you need have your strategy to win the battles.
I see you shipping down there A minigame where the player must go through levels while controlling two characters at once, failing if either character dies. Each character can only go with the partner chosen by Elise, her partner being Osaka.
Uilise OTP The player controls Elise, as she follows Uily (Talk) through eight courses, each based off of other games, mainly Fire Emblem. Once she catches up to him in the final course he can later be talked to as an NPC, giving some usually amusing dialogue.

Polokarend's Quotes

During the game, Polokarend will make comments about the characters, worlds, levels and the bosses:

Ah, Locky, Brazilian friend of mine! How's your Tetris playing lately?
Locky's description
Hey Doh, I missed you already! Haha, get it? But anyway, nice to see you!
Doh's description
Hello, Elise! How's your shipping lately? Or did you miss the boat? Haha.
Elise's description
Hi, Osaka. Still hunting anime girls? I recommend you not to use that blade, bro! Hurting girls is not good for a relationship.
Osaka's description
Ah, Nova Woods. It should be a cakewalk for you. It's the typical first forest world. Well, typical...? To avoid mass cliché and platitude, the dreamers decided to make it more futuristic.
Nova Woods' description.
That guy? His name is Dogster. You'd think he's a puppy lover, but he's actually more fond of cicadas. He especially likes the Pokémon Nincada, it should be obvious with all those Nincada mechs. But I'm pretty sure he doesn't even know what a cicada is. Have you ever heard of a cicada? I'm sure only 45% of the world knows. But still, why did he choose to have a canine for his username instead of an insect?
Dogster (Talk)'s description
UltimateMarioGamer... I'm not quite fond of him. Claims to be 32 and claims to have a wife. Acts like an immature kid. So I don't believe his stories. A 32-year old should've known how to make an account without using his real name. Oh, and he hates me a lot. He despises every move I do against him. All because I called him "stupid" when he doesn't even know how to make a headline. Seems faulty on my side, but at this moment, he deserves worse. Oh, his attacks? Well, he throws random theories at you. All can be proven false, but they still seem believable. Don't let him fool you! Bring an encyclopedia or something. With good sources.
UMG (Talk)'s description.
Hey, is your battery low or something? I get this constant zoomer in my head and it won't stop buzzing! I have no idea why, I'm not a magical being.
Random Quote #1
You forgot your objective? Well, why won't you check the manual of your game, silly? Y'know, that book thingie inside your game case. ...What, no manual? You lost it already?! Oh, wait, it's an electronic manual on this game card. *sigh* What happened to the good old printed manuals?
Random Quote #2
Get through all the courses with a partner chosen by Elise! She ships them, but I dunno about this. Hope your chemistry goes well with your partner! Wow, good thing I'm not playable!
About the "I see you shipping down there" minigame


  • Orbz: Little creatures that appear on secret parts of the levels. There's a red variation, that is more rare than the blue one.
  • Degen's Crystals: Crystals that open the door for the Clown's Secret Liar. They are hidden on secret parts of the levels like the Orbz. They can be also be finded by defeating bosses. They don't appear on the DLC worlds.
  • Food: Food spawns after you defeat a enemy. Recovers 2 HP.
  • Hearts: Give a 1-Up. They are rare and very difficult to find.
  • Character Statue: Appears after you defeat a boss. Unlocks a new character.



Extra costumes can be unlocked once you beat certain things. Here you find the entire list of it.


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