On February 8, 2015, the user .vectorDestiny (tbc) decided to make a let's play of a game that he liked, called Tomodachi Collection or for more lazy people, Tomodachi Life DS. The results are a bit impressive.


After finishing Super Smash Bros. 4, Sakurai found a barren island that he decided that would be his island where he is going to retire from his work from Nintendo. Later, he decided that he was alone so he wanted another human being to pester him and so Leila Petals, also known as Thorn comes in to the island. They became friends but this island isn't full of normal people... sometimes it doesn't even have people.


Image Name Relationships Origins
SakuraiLTL Masahiro Sakurai (SAKURAIII) Tintin: Friends. Real Life/Nintendo
LeilaPetalsLTL Leila Petals (Thorn) N/A Original character
ZoxyLTL Zoxy the Banker (Zoxy) N/A Original character/Five Nights at Freddy's
LTLTintin Tintin (Tintin) N/A Tintin
NikkiLTL Nikki Nintendo (Nikki) Knuckel: Friends. Nintendo
MsPacManLTL Ms. Pac-Man (Lady Pac) Snoop Dogg: Friends. Pac-Man
SnoopDoggLTL Snoop Dogg (Snoop) Ms. Pac-Man: Friends. Real Life
Midna Twilight (Midna) N/A Zelda
Princess Daisy (Daisy) N/A Mario
Mario tehplumber (Johnmtp) N/A Real Life
Darth Hunter (Phazon) N/A Real Life/Fantendo
Jake Canadian (Jake) N/A Real Life/Fantendo
Gerome Gerome (Gerome) N/A Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff
Hsien Ko (Hsien-Ko) N/A Darkstalkers
Korra Avatar (Korra) N/A Legend of Korra
Michael Bay (Boom) N/A Real Life


  • Ms. Pac-Man x Snopp Dogg
  • Nikki x Knuckel
  • Gerome x Thorn


  • Part 1 - Sakurai Comes To Town
  • Part 2 - The New Peeps
  • Part 3 - The Most Beatiful Day in Suave Island

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