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Lurky: Hello guys, welcome to Locky's Reviews - The Show! Yay! My name is Lurky, and I'm a retro gamer and I decided to do reviews... yayy... Today we are going to review an underrated classic for the SNES, Super Castlevania IV.

(Shows gameplay)

Lurky: Castlevania IV is a reboot of the first game, featuring the same plot. Simon Belmont, a vampire killer with super human strenght, he have to save the world from Dracula. Now it is time to point out the good and bad of Castlevania IV.


Lurky: Several stuff from the previous Castlevania games where vastly improved. The jumping is better, you can now whip in all eight directions and more. One of the best thinges of the game is the jumping as I mentioned before, in the earlier Castlevania games, now you can control the jumps, unlike the previous one. The graphics and music are way better obviously because it is on a more powerful console. Most of the game is now more focused on the Mode-7 capabilites and the whip.


Lurky: There's only one character in this game, which for me was a huge letdown since this is a more powerful console and the previous game had like three other playable characters. The game was kinda easy too, if you compare to the past titles. Most of bosses are too easy, like stay in a corner and beat them. There's no thing to do after you beat the game, no secrets, nothing at all.

Final Result


Castlevania IV is amazing. It have a lot of new features, new gameplay and more. The game is truly a masterpiece. However, there's some minor flaws which kinda ruins the game for me. But if you have a SNES, this is a must-have title.

-Made by Locky (tbc)

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