Here is the list of the trophies in the game.

Character Trophies

Image Name Series Description
LGL2AgumonTrophy Agumon Digimon Agumon, the most well known Digimon in the Digiverse, some fans even consider him the mascot of the franchise!

Item Trophies

Image Name Series Description

Bosses Trophies

Image Name Series Description

Other Trophies

Image Name Series Description
LGL2LavosSpawnTrophy Lavos Spawn Chrono Trigger A alien creature that almost destroyed the earth in 1999, when five heroes finally defeated the villian of doom. It is really unknown what the heck he is doing here.
LGL2MarioMurderTrophy Mario's Murder Donkey Kong In an alternate universe, Pauline creates a plan to kill his own boyfriend, using Donkey Kong to fake a kidnapping, DK killed Mario. What the hell I just typed here.

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