Note: Link, Kirby, Steve, Captian Olimar, Amaterasu, Red Bird, AiAi, Mii and Pikachu doesn't have any quotes in this game.



  • "Oh yeah, Mario time!" - Mario at start of a stage.
  • "Yahoo!" - Mario finishing a stage.
  • "Let's-a-go!" - Mario before a boss fight.
  • "Here I Go!" - Mario after defeat a boss.
  • "Ouch!" - Mario leaving damage.
  • "Thanks so much to play Locky's game!" - Mario in the ending of the game.


  • "What is time for?" - Finn at start of a stage.
  • "Mathematical!" - Finn finishing a stage.
  • "Whoa! Algebraic!" - Finn before a boss fight.
  • "Slamacow!" - Finn after defeat a boss.
  • "Shmow-zow" - Finn leaving damage.
  • "Slam-bam-in-a-can!" - Finn in the game ending.

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