Lockinston's flag.
Language(s) English, Portuguese
Government Parliamentary
Population 20 million
Currency Page
Date Format dd/mm/yyyy
Abbreviation LS

Lockinston is one of the many countries located in Osiris. A relatively young country, Lockinston originally existed as an autonomous territory within the region of Lumoshiland after a semi-revolution occoured in the state. After disagreements with the main political parties of Lumoshiland, the state seeked to gain independence from it and become a soverign state of it's own, which would later happen in 1776, during what's now referred to as the Logical Revolution or the Quiet Revolution, led by the Head of State and political philosopher Stafford Kaleb. The region recieved it's independent status after an agreement between Kaleb and Lumoshiland's head of state at the time.

Lockinston is a small region located south of Lumoshiland. An isolatonist country, Lockinston is not a major participant in global events, although it is a supporter of humanitarian and envorimental causes. The country is somewhat devoid of any important landmarks, often considered to be a plain region to live.







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