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A sign that welcomes people to Lockinston.

Lockinston's flag.
Capital City New Otoro
Largest City Vena City
Language(s) English
Leader(s) Senior Kraf 3rd
Government Democratic Republic
Population 20 million
Currency Page
Date Format dd/mm/yyyy
Abbreviation LS

Lockinston (also known as Democratic Republic of Lockinston) is one of the many countries located in Osiris, ruled by Lockitler Llalin (tbc).

Lockinston's currency is Page and the official languages is English, although some cities in Lockinston speak Portuguese, Russian and Serbian. Lockinston's capital is New Otoro, but its largest city is Vena City.


Lockinston is stated to be one of the planet's oldest habitated locations, however information regarding the few that lived there is relatively unknown. The earliest known point of the existence of civilization in Lockinstan begun on the 4th century, when Lockinston began to grow as an economic potency, by selling resources to the largest country on the Lumilia territory, Lumoshiland as well doing selling their resources to other countries through the sea.

Lockinston is known for being one of the few countries whom were never colonized by other countries, staying as a standalone country whom knew the secrets of being respected at such early age of civilization. They grew and they became famous after their way of government, known at the time as Unir. They country even had it is own language, that used letters from the English alphabet but utilized different words. When other countries decided to adopt the English language, the previously mentioned language was scrapped in favor of the most used one, to make things easier. 



English is the main language of Lockinston, although in some parts of the country, Portuguese, Russian and Serbian are taught in schools, it is only used during film festivals or international meetings.


Although Lockinston has no set religion, the majority of the population has no religion, only small minorities are followers of religion and there is a few amount of churches in the territory of Lockinston, although those religious people are treated normally as any other normal citizen in the country, they aren't attacked by Lockinstans for following a relligion.

In the early ages of Lockinston, there was a large belief on mythology, most of the mythology were later reused in major buildings or even city names in the country, as a way to homage the ancestors that created Lockinston.


  • To this day, the sign that welcomes new visitors never got finished.
    • Neither this page got finished.
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