Locked TV is a series of animations and series made by LockedArts. Locked TV was an exclusive feature for Club Tris members, until it became a downloable app for everyone on Nintendo Silver. LockedTV is somewhat similar to Netflix, however Locked TV streams full on exclusive content and it works similar to a normal TV cable but the users can see previous episodes of the shows available.

All of Locked TV's shows are written by Lurky Lorean, famous for writing some episodes for Fantendo the Animated Series, such as Random Access Memories.



Show Premise
Adam West's Batman Returns A sequel to the 60's Batman, Adam West's Batman Returns takes place after the finale of the series as it partakes in an even more over the top series. It also features many characters which weren't introduced in the original series. The show is based on both the series and the digital comics Batman '66 made by DC Comics themselves. Unlike the TV series, this show is 2D animated.
Koopa Troop A cartoon adaptation of the video game series Super Mario Bros. with the point of view of the villian, Bowser (voiced by Tom Kenny) as he tries and fails many times to capture the Mushroom Kingdom. The TV series is a continuation of the 2013 movie adaptation of the Yoshi franchise as it features Kamek's daughter, Kamet (voiced by Helena Bonham Carter) as Bowser's mentor.

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