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Lock (Lethalverse)
Psychotic Mastermind
Full Name Lock
Current Age 55
Date of Birth January 12th, 1960
Gender Male
Location Noah
Ability/ies Expert marksman and fighter, temporarily Light Magic
First Appearance Strafe: Lethal Seven

Lock is a thief turned evil mastermind who is also the father of Strafe. After a tough, miserable childhood, he snapped and began plotting to find a way to get power and have a "better life". Although his plot was mostly successful, his son Strafe ended up putting a hitch in it and killing him in battle.

He's the main antagonist of Strafe: Lethal Seven. Reception has been (TBA).



Lock is the main antagonist of this game. Despite this, most of the game revolves around the Lethal Seven themselves, Lock's first mention is in Chapter 7 and he appears only for a few missions. Even though he has a limited range of appearances, his influence is definitely felt.

It's eventually revealed that his mother was dead and his father, who raised him, was an abusive, alcoholic thief. Lock ended up on the streets after killing him in self-defense, and started plotting to exact his plan. It was sidetracked, but he eventually hired the Lethal Seven to kill Strafe so Lock could drain the Light Magic for him in order to create a super army that would allow him to be an all-powerful ruler. Strafe killed him in the battle that followed, and left him to rot alongside his clone army.

Physical Appearance

Lock is a tall man with a decent build, having tan skin, brownish red eyes, and black hair. He doesn't really take care of him, and years of doing terrible have really worn on him, leaving him with ugly facial hair and yellow teeth. He wears a brown top hat and red suit.


Lock was a normal child who might have had a regular life, but his terrible childhood lead him down a path to evil, with killing his father cementing him as insane. Following then, he was focused on making a "better life" no matter the moral cost of his actions.

Lock is brash, arrogant, merciless, careless, selfish, manipulative, plotting, and pretty much every other negative quality one can have. His obsession with this "better life" has lead him into a scary, sad, and confusing area. When Strafe almost kills him, he begs for mercy though, showing that he is still just a scared child under his hostile shell.


Lock has been fighting and killing since a young age, and has become skilled at fighting in hand-to-hand combat, as well as utilizing firearms and explosives. He has amassed a clone army over the years that follow his every whim and will stop at nothing to exact his plan.

He's also extremely intelligent, manipulative, and plans ahead so things work out for him. After injecting himself with Strafe's blood, he also had every Light Magic ability that Strafe did.


  • Lock was Sr.Wario's attempt at making a more interesting version of Lock, as the character was largely uncharted when Lethal Seven was written.

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