Ordon Village (Civil)

Link`s hometown. This is where the game begins, and you can do sidequests here such as harvesting Ordon Pumpkins or taking care of cattle.


  • Farmer Samuel
  • Marcus
  • Mayor Odo

Faron Woods (Wild)

The forest near Ordon Village with an enterance to the Forest Temple. Beware of Monkeys.


  • Monkeys

Kakiriko Forest (Civil)

A sub-area of Faron Woods, this is a safe have for children and animals.


  • Deku Tree
  • Kokiri-Monkey
  • Monkey Shopkeep

Hyrule Field (Wild)

Hyrule Field is a huge plain filled with Bokoblins. You can see Death Mountain from there.


  • Bokoblins
  • Poes
  • Chuchus

Hyrule Castletown (Civil)

Hyrule Castletown is the main hub for shops, quests, and recruitments. NPC`s

  • Castletown Gaurd
  • Street Thug

Lanayru Desert (Wild)

The barren, uninhabited desert has almost nothing inside of it.

Training Grounds (Civil)

In the desert Training Grounds, you can learn how to fight and get weapons.


  • Training Instructor
  • Dummy

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