Prologue: The Emerald Knights

Link rode Epona, the wind whipping in his golden hair. He sped along the floating roads connecting the towers that formed the middle level of the city. He had lived his entire life in the sheltered "Towers of Refuge", away from the squalor and crime of the ground below.

He came to the tower that housed his and his grandmother's apartment, parking the treasured bike in the garage. He entered the elevator and punched in his floor number. When he stepped out of the hall, he was shocked. "Holy shit..." he breathed. The room was in shambles. Furniture was overturned, stuffing poking out of the chairs. The television was smashed in, and the walls were spattered with blood. "Oh my Gods... Grandma..." He ran to her mangled body, laying on the bloodstained carpet. A huge gash in her stomach was still dripping blood. "Dammit!" he shouted. "If I had only been there! I would have killed them! Killed them all! I'm sorry, Grandma. I couldn't do anything." He knelt over her corpse, craddling it in his arms. Hearing a noise, he whips around. A masked goon is standing there in the doorway to the kitchen. Link takes him down , but not before he calls for help. Five more goons burst into the room, armed with guns. One aimed at Link and fires, missing. Anohter aims at his head, when the apartment door burst open. A girl with shoulder length blonde hair is standing in th doorway, holding a handgun. She shoots the goon with the gun, and he falls to the ground.

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