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#721 Lizabud
Lizabud's Artwork in Pokémon Sparkle Version
Category Flower Lizard Pokémon
Original Region Sondar
National Dex Nr. #721
Sondar Dex Nr. #001
Generation VII
Pokémon Color Green
First Appearance Pokémon Sparkle Version
Type(s) Grass
Average Height 2'06"
Average Weight 15.3 lbs.
Evolves Into Gecketal
[[Category:Pokémon from Sondar]][[Category:Pokémon in Sondar]]Lizabud is one of the three starters new trainers can receive in the Sondar Region, in Pokémon Sparkle Version. It's the Grass Type Starter, along with Ashow (who is the Fire Type Starter), and Squidwid (who is the Water Type Starter). It evolves into Gecketal at level 20, and into Monitile at level 45.

PokéDex Info

Pokémon Sparkle Version

Lizabud eat all sorts of plants, like leaves and flowers and twigs. It relies on it's parents for food and protection when young, and even learn to battle by watching their parents protect them.

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