Shock to the System!
Livewire's official catchphrase.

Live Wire
Official artwork.
Full Name Livewire
Current Age Unknown
Gender Male programming
Species Android
Main Weapon(s) None
Ability/ies TBA...
Vulnerable To Earth
Voice Actor(s)
First Appearance Skylanders: Ancient Elements
Livewire is a Tech element Skylander who debuts in Skylanders: Ancient Elements. He is one of the Elemental Guardians, and has Electric as his Ancient Element.



Livewire was built to be the main character of a television show, known as The Amazing Livewire. He was programmed to be a hero and always foil bad guys. Many children loved his show. But as seasons went on, the show became more repeated in episodes and a new show eventually stole the ratings. Livewire was sent on his own, though his programming was not changed. Because of this, when he came across a Mabu village being invaded by the Ogre King's minions, he immediately sprung into action and used devastating electric attacks to chase the ogres away. This act caught the attention of Master Eon, who asked Livewire to join the Skylanders not just for his heroic movement, but also because he was a small fan of his show.