Liu Kang's artwork in SSB8.

Liu Kang is an unlockable character in Super Smash Bros. Endgame. He is the Mortal Kombat champion throughout the MK series. In Deadly Alliance, he was killed but came back in Deception as a zombie. In the alternative timeline, he was killed by Raiden because they were in a quarrel. In Mortal Kombat X, he reappears as a revenant.


Liu Kang has his MKX appearance.

On-Screen Appearance(s)

  • Liu Kang appears from a fire.
  • Liu Kang does his MK9 battle cry animation.


Neutral Attack: Kang kicks the opponent twice before straight punching them away.

Up Attack: Kang uppercuts the opponent.

Down Attack: Kang sweep kicks the opponent.

Side Attack: Kang roundhouse kicks the opponent.

Pummel: Kang knees the opponent.

Side Grab: Kang throws the opponent away.

Down Grab: Kang karate chops the opponent, causing them to be on their knees. Then he stomps on their back, causing the destruction of the spine and they fall face first to the ground.

Up Grab: Kang throws the opponent upwards and Bicycle Kicks them.

Neutral Special: Shaolin Fireball: Kang shoots a fireball at his opponent.

Side Special: Flying Kick: Kang jumps and does a kick and goes straight at the opponent vertically.

Customized #1: Bicycle Kick: Kang starts kicking the opponent and moves his legs like a bicycle.

Down Special: Cartwheel: Kang cartwheels the opponent.

Customized #1: Fiery Cartwheel: Kang cartwheels the opponent, but he charges himself with fire.

Customized #2: Shaolin's Way: Kang cartwheels and uppercuts the opponent.

Up Special: Pterodactyl Transformation: Kang turns into a Pterodactyl and flies in the direction he is facing. If Kang hits a wall, the move will stop.

Final Smash: Shaolin Strike (Beta): Kang rolls and uppercuts an opponent, then he kicks them back to the ground, hitting any opponent who hits him/her. This wasn't used in the final version

Final Smash: For the Shaolin (Final): Kang does his X Ray Move (however it doesn't show if the foe's bones are being broken) with the final hit blowing them away.

Victory Pose(s)

  • Liu Kang does his MK9 winning animation.
  • Liu Kang does his MKX winning animation.

Victory Theme(s)




Alternate Costumes

  1. His revenant costume.
  2. Dark Empreror's costume.
  3. His MK1 costume.
  4. His MK2 costume.
  5. TBA
  6. TBA
  7. TBA




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