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Litwick, the light in the Beorn Hallow.
Full Name Litwick
Gender Male
Location Unknown
Current Status Alive
Class Unknown
First Appearance Untitled Unten Focused Fantendo Drive Miniseries (first official appearance)
Litwick is a new character that first appears in a upcoming untitled Fantendo - Drive miniseries that is said to focus on Unten.


Litwick appears to be a male humanoid alien with grey skin. He wears goggles and has black and blue eyes. He has a flame on the top of his head that looks somewhat like a ponytail. He has a set of blue hair. He wears blue robes.


Litwick is said to be Unten's reluctant assistant and the two apparently meet somewhere dark that requires the light of his flame. Litwick is also said to be often hysterical towards just about everything and is suspicious about Unten.




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